1. Procurement

    Thyke Logistics is a leading provider of U.S. manufactured products.

    We are more than just a supplier. We are a company that is market focused, customer driven and solution savvy, which is striving to deliver value, service, and results that exceed customer expectations. We pledge our devotion and hard work to achieve the results you require.

    Thyke Logistics is a company congregated of diligent procurement specialists, who help customers lower supply chain costs and improve efficiencies.

    Thyke Logistics provides a single-source procurement solution and coordinates the supply of MRO products to a variety of customers. We serve many distinct markets and help our customers plan continuous cost reduction strategies and manage MROs.

    Thyke Logistics mainly serves for following industries;

    • Construction
    • Defense
    • Marine
    • Chemicals

    We are your partner in business.

  2. Consultancy

    Our aim is to bring objectivity to your supply chain issues and identify solutions drawing on experience of a wide range of industrial sector. We will turn a paper-based strategy into reality, meeting your business objectives within the required timescales. We offer services for;

    • Logistics
    • Oil & Gas
    • Third Party Services
    • Supplier Management
    • Strategic Sourcing
    • Change Management
    • Distribution Network Design
    • Warehousing Transport Oroductivity
    • Inventory Visualisation & Simulation
    • Warehouse Design
    • Production Modelling
    • Cost to Serve
    • Network Modelling