1. Heavy-Lift & Oversize T.

    Project logistics requires specialized experience, commitment and flexibility to execute complex cargo movements. Thyke Logistics’ global network and solid track record provide the skills and strength that guarantees safe and timely delivery worldwide. Out-of-the-box thinking is required in order to create and implement effective solutions. By tailoring a customized transportation plan, we can make early projections of your transportation costs and ensure proper routings and modes of transport are utilized.

    Our job is starting with selection the most suitable equipment to loading, securing, unloading, in comply with weight and size limitations, removing the obstacles on the route, Thyke Logistics can manage the whole operation. The company has developed excellent long term relations with suppliers and local authorities as well.

    We operate in wide variety of sectors that needs project logistics services including Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Power & Energy, Aid Cargo and Heavy Machinery.

  2. Crane Operations

    Thyke Logistics offer cargo handling services, crane and plant hire throughout Turkey and Iraq. We provide safe and secure handling of cargo and lifting services to the Construction, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Rail and Transport, Alternative Energies, Logistics and Port service industries, including:

    • Crane hire
    • Contract lifting
    • Turnkey projects
    • Tandem and multiple lifts
    • Heavy lifts
    • Restricted areas lifts
    • Cargo handling
    • Storage provision
  3. Port Operations

    Thyke Logistics plans where ships are to berth and the number of port gangs and shifts required to load and unload it safely and to time. Thyke Logistics liaise with shipping agents, customs authorities, port authorities and ships’ agents.

      Thyke Logistics aims to ensure;
    • top quality port operation services rendered to all clients
    • all services are promptly ordered and confirmed
    • clients and own KPI’s are met

    Thyke Logistics identify, implement and maintain the controls associated with the key risks of the operation.

  4. Chartering

    Thyke Logistics is committed in providing a longstanding first class service to its clients. Professionalism, efficiency and dedication to our clients provide the basis of Thyke Logistics business attitude. Due to the deep understanding of technical as well as commercial aspects of the industry, Thyke Logistics enjoys an excellent business relationship with a large number of owners, charterers and shipbrokers globally. The company is strengthening its efforts in order to preserve and enhance its image of consistency and professionalism.

      Areas of Expertise
    • From small gearless coasters to large super heavy-lift vessels
    • Ro/Ro, semi-submersible vessels, deck cargo barges, and other specialized vessels
    • Single voyages or extensive freight contracts
    • Full or part cargo charters
    • Worldwide coverage from large main ports to small remote and restricted ports
    • In depth knowledge about vessel types and trade lanes
    • Innovative tailor-made solutions

    THYKE aims to provide the best service possible to our clients and hopes that mutual success will be the prize.

  5. Lashing & Securing

    In order to transport goods safely it is essential that they are lashed & secured properly. As safety is the top priority of Thyke Logistics, lashing & securing is one of Thyke Logistics's leading specialties.

    Thyke Logistics can provide lashing & securing services at any place, regardless of shape and weight of the cargo, paying attention to details, using the latest lashing techniques and in accordance with the most up-to-date standards and requirements.

  6. Cargo Supervision

    Our staff stays on-site at the port/terminal/jobsite to monitor all loadings/dischargings and ensure sequences are followed;

    We are 24/7 accessible and offer on-time reporting updates as well as final recap reports. Thyke Logistics employs experienced and well-trained individuals with site-specific knowledge for each mode of transportation, providing efficient services for every client.

    • cargo is stowed correctly
    • lashed and secured properly
    • transloaded on suitable mode of transports
    • discharged at site without any damage or loss